Whether you are looking for design for a Website, Brochure, Packaging, Conference Graphics, Digital Marketing or Logo… the design process is exactly the same… From Start to Finish there are 4 stages – 1. THE DESIGN BRIEF 2. UPFRONT QUOTE 3. CREATIVE PRESENTATION 4. PRODUCTION or LAUNCH


1. THE DESIGN BRIEFThe Challenge Good Design Starts with a Good Brief.
At the initial briefing meeting we discuss your design challenge. Together we set out your Marketing and Design Objectives, Communication Strategy, Target Market, Mechanics, Timing and Budget. Together we clearly define what you are expecting from the process. At this stage we will try to gather as much information as possible to help you and us visualise the solution to your particular challenge.

2. UPFRONT QUOTE – The Who, What, Where, When and How Much.
Following the briefing meeting we present a detailed, clear quotation. The quote is always comprehensive, set out in a “shopping list” format, so it’s easily followed. It can cover areas such as: Concept Development, Research, Design and Layout, Copy-writing, Sourcing & Purchasing Images; Illustration; Photography; Video; Artwork for Printing & Delivery, SEO, Site Launch. Obviously each quote is unique to each particular challenge. No work commences until the quote is approved, amended and signed off by the client.

3. CREATIVE PRESENTATIONThe Interesting Stage.
Following the brief and approved quote, it is usual to carry out extensive research in terms of your competitors’ offerings and formats. We check out how they have tackled the same problems. We then create a Better Solution. We strive to create a USP (unique selling proposition) for you within the brief. Then the creative juices flow… You will be presented with a selection of designs and a detailed design rationale. With your feedback, the best idea, or a combination of a few designs are refined. Its at this stage the colours, layout, images, content and typefaces are sorted. Once the revised design is approved we move onto preparing the piece for production.

4. PRODUCTION or LAUNCH AllThe i’s Must Be Dotted And t’s Crossed
This is when attention to detail is vital. Everything must be in the correct place – copy, graphics, photos, colours. We liaise with the printer or hosting company to determine the most economical and best method of production. Their specifications are followed exactly. This stage may involve a good few edits and revisions until the final sign-off. But it’s worth it, you don’t want mistakes at this stage. Once we get final sign-off from you off it goes, to become real.